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Driveway Cleaning UK

Driveway cleaning uk work with the largest number of professional driveway cleaning companies across Great Britain. This website is designed to help you find a reliable driveway cleaning company in your part of the country.

All of the driveway cleaning companies featured on this website are considered reliable, efficient and with realistic prices.

When considering a driveway cleaning project we would recommend obtaining three quotations. Prior to making a decision on which driveway cleaning company to use always make sure you are considering 'like for like' quotes.

We would be very confident that all the driveway cleaning companies featured here would be able to supply good references, from local customers showing various driveway cleaning projects undertaken.

If the driveway cleaning company you choose follows our recommended 'five step' process we are sure you will be delighted and amazed at the transformation of your driveway.

Five Steps To Perfect Driveway Cleaning & Restoration

  • Prior to cleaning the driveway is treated with weed killer or fungicidal wash
  • Apply oil or stain remover to any heavily soiled areas
  • Clean with a 200 bar + rotary headed pressure washer
  • Once dry, replace kiln dry jointing sand (block paving)
  • Two coats of high quality paving sealer should be applied 


To find out more information regarding professional driveway cleaning companies in your area click on the relevant page or call 0845 618 2770. Alternative contact us online  for further assistance